• Helping Students Succeed
  • Celebrating Twenty Years of SCWI Success 1997 - 2017

  • Helping Students Succeed
  • Celebrating Twenty Years of SCWI Success 1997 - 2017

  • Helping Students Succeed
Scroll down for information on our 2017 Symposium Guest Speaker and Workshops.
Click here for registration and further Symposium information including hotel links and the agenda for the day.
Online registration will be available on the Symposium webpage from April 12th to May 4th.
Below are a few memories and interesting statistics from the last 20 years.
The 2017 Symposium Celebrates 20 years of SCWI Success
Date: May 9, 2017
Location: Humber College

Once again the Symposium Planning Committee is preparing, with your assistance, an engaging and informative day.

We have seen SCWI grow so much and serve so many students over the years.

Let's celebrate our collective 20 years of success at this spring's annual symposium. 20 Year Badge

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the Meet-and-Greet on Monday night the 8th at the Hilton Garden Inn.

More information regarding hotels, registration, and special 20-year celebrations will follow in the coming months.

See you on May 9th!

  • 2013-2014 info-graphic
  • Spring Symposium Guest Speaker

    Dr. Stuart Middleton
    Director External Relations
    Manukau Institute of Technology

    Dr. Middleton is a gifted educator, speaker and writer. Working out of New Zealand, his inspiring leadership has led to awards in NZ, London and Australia. In 2007-2008 he received a Fulbright Scholars Award, from which he developed a radical program for its time; it took students failing in secondary school and afforded them opportunities to complete high school and Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses simultaneously. His work widened access to many new opportunities for students throughout the country. Sound familiar? He continues to be an influential and inspiring leader, and an excellent complement to our 20th anniversary celebrations.

    Download Dr. Middleton's full biography.

The 2017 Symposium Features: Insightful and Useful Workshops

RPTs, Ministry representatives, and guests will present workshop topics such as those which:

  • feature how to support Dual Credit students to be successful in secondary school and beyond
  • support DC and SWAC teachers
  • feature students and their successes
  • give examples of how to engage and retain students
  • give strategies to support mental health and learning
  • explain examples of how to engage indigenous students
  • are delivered in the French language
  • target participants new to SCWI/Dual Credits
  • present Ministry document and initiative updates
  • feature DC data and research

Watch for these workshop topics and much more.

Registration opens on April 12th.

Entering Dual Credits in your Student Management System (SMS)

These vendor-specific webinar recordings are designed for SMS users and focus on the differences between team-taught and college-delivered dual credits, how to enter courses and student data in your SMS, and how to check to make sure dual credits are correctly reported. A webinar and ppt for each vendor (Trillium, Maplewood, Power School) is available on the Ministry Policies page.

Links and Files can be found on the Ministry Policies page.

(Updated December 2016)

  • 2014-2015 info-graphic
  • Dual Credit Programs 2014 -2015 School Year Report

    The attached series of infographics will warm your coldest winter day. It is sometimes said that the work we do can be difficult to measure and honour. Here is statistical proof of the steady and incremental success that hard work,creativity and innovation at all levels of the dual credit initiative have created for our most needy and deserving students . It is is a powerful and visual testament to the pathways we create daily to support progress, dignity,success for at-risk young people.
    Go to the Research page.

SCWI Calendar of Important Dates for 2017 - 2018

This calendar provides a summary of important SCWI dates between May 2017 - August 2018.

(Updated April 18, 2017)

Dual Credit Course Codes, Request Forms and Supporting Webinars

The Course Code page contains the very latest list of Course Codes, a list of Existing Course Code Titles by Subjects and Codes for 2016 - 2017, the Dual Credit Course Code Request Form and links to two supporting webinars.

(Updated March 23, 2017)

Summer Institute 2017 - Don't Miss it!

Last year's Summer Institute was a great success and once again the SCWI/EDU/MAESD team want to help you prepare for the 2017-18 school year.

Who should attend? Anyone involved in a leadership or administrative role on a Regional Planning Team. Board and college representatives on RPTs who are interested in learning more about the SCWI are most welcome. New RPT members are strongly encouraged to take part.

If you are interested in attending please email David Armstrong to request a Registration Form: DavidArmstrong@hurontel.on.ca.

SCWI Reporting, Approval & Monitoring Process Report for 2016-2017

This SCWI accountability document provides information for regional planning teams regarding the SCWI Reporting Website for completing the Interim Report, Dual Credit Student Data Report and SCWI Final Report; Approval Process for Contract Changes; Process for Requesting New Dual Credit Course Code(s); Process for Monitoring Activities/Forums; and sample forms.

SCWI Newsletter: Introducing Our New Format

As SCWI and dual credits continue to grow and thrive across Ontario, so also does the wide range of good news stories and student testimonials provided by the 16 regional planning teams. Across the province these teams are serving over 20,000 specially selected students for whom the dual credit program provides an essential learning alternative and means to gain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

For this reason, we have elected to divide the newsletter into two documents; one to profile the successes of our students and staff, and a companion document listing the programs, forums and activities that energize and enable our young people. We hope you enjoy both!

We have also brought you these documents in both a FlipBook format that is easy to read and search online and in PDF format for easy downloading.

  • Fall 2016 News
  • Fall 2016 SCWI News

    What's inside:

    • Summer Institute
    • Student Testimonials
    • Forums & Activities
    • Successful Students
    • Innovative Programs
    • News from Around the province
    • Apprenticeship Open House

    Open in FlipBook format
    Download in PDF format

  • Fall 2015 Programs
  • Fall 2016 SCWI Programs, Activities & Forums

    This document provides a comprehensive list of the dual credit forums, activities and programs offered in every area of the province. The forums and activities here show how the incremental success of dual credits flows directly from the networking and outreach of professionals who may be separated by geography, but are closely linked in purpose and promise for success at all levels.

    Open in FlipBook format
    Download in PDF format

What is SCWI?

The School-College-Work Initiative is a co-operative effort with a mandate to assist in creating a seamless transition for students from secondary school to college. In addition to a wide array of learning and awareness opportunities for students, teachers, parents and the broader community, projects have been developed to provide dual credit programs for secondary students through the partnership of secondary schools and colleges.

A collaboration of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) and the Committee of College Presidents (COP), SCWI is jointly funded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.