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RPT Chairs' and Co-ordinators' Meeting

Monday, May 13, 2019, 2:00 - 5:00 pm.
Humber College - North Campus
205 Humber College Blvd., Toronto
Seventh Semester Dining Room

Now in its 22nd year SCWI programs continue to demonstrate remarkable success in inspiring at risk students to complete their high school diploma and continue in career oriented post secondary education. Below are some memories and statistics from past years.

SCWI Spring Symposium

Theme: “School/College/WORK: Pathways to the Skilled Trades”
Tuesday May 14, 2019

: 8:15 am
Program: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning - North Campus

We are excited to announce our 2019 Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Jon Callegher


Millennial Sociologist Dr. Jon Callegher is the Executive Director of Job Talks. He is also a professor at George Brown College in Toronto. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo. Dr. Callegher has appeared on radio, TV, and at conferences internationally, speaking about work, generational differences, and marketing.

Click here for the keynote speaker bio.

The title of Dr. Callegher's Keynote Address is
"Balanced Intelligence: Why Skilled Trades Careers are Better".

Did you know that Skilled Tradespeople are among the most fulfilled workers in the country? In this dynamic presentation, Job Talks Executive Director Dr. Jon Callegher will take us through his ground-breaking research into the Skilled Trades. He will also introduce the concept of "Balanced Intelligence" as a means of changing mindsets toward work that is hands-on, stimulating, and involves the body and mind. By the end of Jon's presentation, you will be armed with key messages for promoting pathways to the Skilled Trades to students, parents and fellow educators. You might even consider a career change, too!

Click here for more information about and to register for the 2019 SCWI Spring Symposium.

November RPT Chair/Coordinators Meeting

David A and Maurice P

Once again, on November 8th, David, Janine, Sonja and Phil hosted the Chairs and Coordinators from all 16 RPT's at a meeting in Toronto, where the many facets of the last year were shared. A look back showed excellent data to support the value, reach and ongoing success of the dual credit program. A look ahead allowed participants experienced and new to share goals, initiatives and innovations to continue to support and engage our target groups. The energy and opportunities to network among a group with common goals to support every student made for an excellent day of sharing and planning for this vital program

2018 Fall RPT Meeting

RPT Chair/Co-ordinator November 2019 presentations, handouts and other resources are posted on the RPT Tools and RPT Chair Meetings webpages. These resources will be especially helpful to those people new to the School-College-Work Initiative.


is the place for students, parents and educators to explore the opportunities and incredible impact that SCWI and Dual Credits have made in the lives of students at risk of not graduating high school or transitioning to post secondary education.

gotocollege.ca is informative and easy to navigate.

SCWI pages

The Home page provides an overview of SCWI and Dual Credit courses that is helpful to students, parents, Guidance Counsellors and Dual Credit Teachers.

The FAQ page provides answers to common questions about: Admissions & Applications, Apprenticeships, Careers & Finance.

Search the Dual Credit Courses page by key word and or college to find dual credit opportunities in your area.

The Testimonials page features short, powerful videos of students talking to students, telling their own stories, in their own words, about how the SCWI program created positive changes in their lives.

Educators new to the SCWI program will find background information on the For Educators page and the About SCWI page.
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    Quick Links

SCWI Calendar of Important Dates for 2019

This calendar provides a summary of important SCWI dates between January 2019 - August 2019.

(Updated March 21, 2019)

Dual Credit Course Codes, Request Forms and Supporting Webinars

The Course Code page contains the very latest list of Course Codes, a list of Existing Course Code Titles by Subjects and Codes for 2018 - 2019, the Dual Credit Course Code Request Form and links to two supporting webinars.

(Course Codes Updated January 24, 2019. The Dual Credit Course Code Request Form was updated in September 20, 2018)

SCWI/IJECT Dual Credit Acronyms Bookmark

Download a list of common website links and acronyms:
in docx format or in pdf format.

(Updated September 17 2018)

Entering Dual Credits in your Student Management System (SMS)

Links and Files can be found on the Ministry Policies page.

Dual Credit Data Reports

Our Dual Credit Data Reports provide statistical proof of the steady and incremental success at all levels of the dual credit initiative have created for our most needy and deserving students. Our data reports began in 2009-10 and by 2013-14 were provided in a handy info-graphic format. All the data reports up to 2015-16 are found on our Research, Reports and Conferences page.

Pathways to Apprenticeship, Options for Secondary School Students, 2017

For more information go to the Ministry Policies web page.

SCWI Reporting, Approval & Monitoring Process Report for 2018-2019

This SCWI accountability document provides information for regional planning teams regarding the SCWI Reporting Website for completing the Interim Report, Dual Credit Student Data Report and SCWI Final Report; Approval Process for Contract Changes; Process for Requesting New Dual Credit Course Code(s); Process for Monitoring Activities/Forums; and sample forms.
Updated November 2, 2018

SCWI Newsletter: Fall 2018

Once again, we are pleased to present our Fall 2018 SCWI newsletter. The outstanding efforts of our RPT Chairs , coordinators and instructors is ably demonstrated by their many contributions. Perhaps more important, their work is shown through the eyes and reflections of students for whom dual credits has been both an opportunity and a life-affirming journey of personal growth.  This issue offers up-to-date program information, statistical data that underscores continued growth at every level, and  a tribute to one of the visionary educators who steered the early days of this vital program. 

Once again, we are pleased to bring you this document in both a Flipbook format that is easy to read and search online, and also in PDF format for easy downloading and sharing.

  • Fall 2018 News
  • What's inside:

    • Up-to-date Forum, Activity and Program information from all 16 RPT's
    • Student testimonials
    • Reports on the Adult SWAC program
    • A uniquely moving graduation speech from a brave and articulate young lady
    • A tribute to, and history of one of the creators of SCWI, Frank Kelly
    • Articles and good new stories from all over Ontario

    Open in FlipBook format
    Download in PDF format

What is SCWI?

The School-College-Work Initiative is a co-operative effort with a mandate to assist in creating a seamless transition for students from secondary school to college. In addition to a wide array of learning and awareness opportunities for students, teachers, parents and the broader community, projects have been developed to provide dual credit programs for secondary students through the partnership of secondary schools and colleges.

A collaboration of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) and the Committee of College Presidents (COP), SCWI is jointly funded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.