School-College-Work Initiative Guidelines, Contract Change Process and Related Support Documents

In prior years, there was an annual SCWI Request for Proposals (RFP). Starting with programs for the 2023-24 school year, we are moving to a new approach which will eliminate the need for an RFP. 2023-24 School-College-Work Initiative Activities, Forums and Dual Credit Program Guidelines provides details on responsibilities, funding eligibility, and parameters for proposing and implementing activities, forums, and Dual Credit programs. Should the Ministry wish to communicate additional opportunities and priorities, the SCWI Guidelines will be updated and changes communicated to RPT chairs and coordinators. These changes would be implemented using the regular SCWI Change Cycles.

Guidelines and Policy Documents


Key Dates

Additional forms required for apprenticeship dual credit programs

Apprenticeship Level 1 Dual Credits can be delivered in a number of different ways. Level 1 Apprenticeship Training options (.pdf) provides details on the various options including notes on student eligibility and funding.

  • Attestation of Training Facility for College Oversight for OYAP Dual Credit Program form (pdf format) (MS Word format)

    This form is used for programs delivered at a secondary school, by a secondary school teacher, using Ontario curriculum. The college attests that the secondary school program adheres to the learning outcomes set out in the Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards, and to the appropriateness of the boards’ facilities, resources and instructor.

  • SCWI/OYAP - Level 1 Programs MLITSD In-Class Training Funding Confirmation form (pdf format) (docx format)

    This form provides confirmation of approval from the local MLITSD Office for each Dual Credit program involving MLITSD funding for Level 1 Apprenticeship in-class training. Students participating in these programs must be OYAP students with a Registered Training Agreement. These Level 1 programs take place on the campus of the Training Delivery Agent.

  • School-College-Work Initiative/Dual Credits Primary Target Group - Level 1 Programs SCWI In-Class Training Funding (pdf format) (docx format)

    This form is to be used for Level 1 programs for students in the Primary Target Group when they are delivered on a college campus. In-class training is funded by SCWI for these Level 1 programs.