Request for NEW College-delivered Dual Credit Course Code(s) 2020 - 2021

Refer to the list of Current College-delivered Dual Credit Course Codes when completing this form. Submit completed form to your RPT Chair. RPT Chair will then forward your request to Daniel Denomme.

College-delivered Dual Credit Course Code Request Form

Updated September 2022

College-delivered Dual Credit Course Codes

Updated March 15, 2024

CHECKLIST - Dual Credit Course Code Requests for Submission to EDU

June, 2021

College-delivered Dual Credit Course Codes
Includes sample entries on an OST as well as an explanation of each character in college-delivered dual credit course codes.

Updated January, 2018

Information on Reporting Modular Level 1 Apprenticeship In-School Training Dual Credits

New January, 2018

Course Code Resources

Dual Credit Course Codes, Information for Regional Planning Teams


Addressing Course Code Errors - For Guidance Staff


Dual Credits? What’s in a Code?

Updated June, 2021

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